Nomination for the European Championship and the World Junior Championship for 2023

This year again, the top event for senior and junior finswimmers will take place with the participation of the Czech National Team. After the Czech Championship in Zlín, which ended the nomination period, national coach Barbora Kondrová and her assistants, Josef Cimburek and Zuzana Svozilová, announced the final selection

The first highlight will be the Junior World Championship in Cairo, Egypt, where the competition will take place on June 21-24. Under the supervision of Barbora Kondrová and Barbora Bayerová, a mix of experienced competitors who have already won some championships and newcomers, for whom this will be their first experience in the national team jersey, will be represented by:

  • Tadeáš Andrés (KSP Olomouc) – 50RP, 50PP, 100RP, 100PP, 4x100PP
  • Klára Divišová (KSP Olomouc) – 50BF, 100BF, 400BF, 4x100PP, 4x100BF
  • Nela Dušková (Modrá Hvězda Praha) – 200BF, 400RP, 400PP, 4x100PP
  • Veronika Králíčková (Čochtanklub Žďár nad Sázavou) – 400PP, 800PP, 1500PP
  • Jakub Mizera (Laguna Nový Jičín) – 50RP, 50PP, 100PP, 200PP, 4x100PP
  • Vasilij Ploc (Modrá Hvězda Praha) – 400RP, 200PP, 400PP, 800PP, 4x100PP
  • Vendula Řezníčková (Aqua klub Liberec) – 100PP, 800PP, 1500PP, 400BF, 4x100PP
  • Adéla Zapletalová (Aqua klub Liberec) – 400RP, 100BF, 200BF, 4x100PP, 4x100BF
  • David Žemba (Čochtanklub Žďár nad Sázavou) – 100BF, 200BF, 400BF, 4x100PP, 4x100BF, 4x100PP

In July, the attention of fans of finswimming will be focused on the Hungarian Gödöllő, where from July 19 to 22, the best finswimmers from all over Europe will compete. The Czech team, which will be led by Barbora Kondrová and Josef Cimburek, will be represented by World Games participant Filip Látal, medalists from the junior championships Daniel Cimburek, Nela Dušková, Matyáš Kubíček, Tomáš Pilný, Czech record holder Adéla Švomová as well as newcomers who successfully represented in the junior championship last year category – Jiří Kubíček and Klára Mazalová:

  • Daniel Cimburek (KP Pardubice) – 50RP, 100RP, 400RP, 100PP, 4x50PP, 4x200PP
  • Nela Dušková (Modrá Hvězda Praha) – 200BF, 400RP, 400PP, 4x50PP, 4x100BF
  • Jiří Kubíček (KPM Pulec Praha) – 100BF, 200BF, 400BF, 4x100BF
  • Matyáš Kubíček (Aqua klub Liberec) – 200PP, 400PP, 800PP, 4x200PP
  • Filip Látal (KSP Olomouc) – 200PP, 400PP, 800PP, 4x200PP
  • Klára Mazalová (Subaquaklub Delfín Tábor) – 400PP, 800PP, 1500PP
  • Tomáš Pilný (Modrá Hvězda Praha) – 50RP, 100RP, 50PP, 100PP, 4x50PP, 4x200PP, 4x100BF
  • Adéla Švomová (Čochtanklub Žďár nad Sázavou) – 50RP, 100RP, 50PP, 100PP, 4x50PP, 4x100BF

We especially want to send many thanks to clubs and parents of all finswimmers, who helped with financing the preparation for the the competitions and all trips and therefore enabled the athletes to represent our country. 

For Czech Finswimming, Josef Cimburek